If you can dream it, we can build it.

The Digital Professor builds custom web solutions for academics. I design and build projects ranging from a simple web presence to elaborate multimodal wikis and knowledgebases. I work with clients and collaborators with any budget to implement their digital needs. For example, I can create or provide:

  • a professional website: anything from a simple digital business card, to a digital cv, to an elaborate web site that supports teaching, using a content management system;
  • domain registration and hosting: I can register a domain name and provide hosting for your project;
  • digital publication: installation, configuration, and maintenance of a content management system to support blogging or a digital publication;
  • writing and editing for digital media;
  • EPUB and print book production and publication.

Other services include:

  1. Digital research support: Helping researchers with digital tools and techniques for data collection, analysis, and visualization.
  2. Digital publishing: Assisting with the creation and distribution of digital publications, including ebooks, blogs, and online articles.
  3. Digital project management: Providing project management support for digital humanities initiatives, including planning, budgeting, and coordinating with team members.
  4. Digital preservation: Advising on best practices for preserving digital research materials, including data, images, and audio and video files.
  5. Digital pedagogy: Providing guidance and support for incorporating digital tools and techniques into teaching and learning.
  6. Website development and management: Designing and maintaining websites for research projects or academic departments.
  7. Social media strategy: Developing and implementing social media strategies for academic departments or research projects.
  8. Digital skills training: Providing training and workshops on digital tools and techniques for academics and students.


I have expertise in various proprietary and open platforms, including:

  • Wordpress
  • Ghost
  • Drupal
  • Scalar
  • Moodle
  • Mediawiki
  • Linux
  • Omeka